About Us

syn-di-cate noun  \sin-di-kit\

A group of people or businesses that work together to promote a common interest.

This syndicate was formed to promote and advance Tampa Bay Area Craft Beer. Right now, Tampa Bay area is the craft beer capitol of Florida, we want to make it the best beer town in the southeast US.

The Tampa Bay Beer Syndicate was designed to provide a variety of useful information for anyone interested in Craft Beer, whether they’re just starting out or a full-blown Certified Cicerone. Tampa Bay is also a tourist destination and we want the area to be known as a Craft Beer Tourist Destination. Of course, there is a plethora of information on the site for both the fantastic local fans and tourists alike. Here are a few features and highlights:

  • Detailed brewery information
  • A listing of quality beer bars
  • Food, recipes, restaurant, and grilling-smoking information
  • Quality blog posts
  • Mini Craft Beer Trails (pockets of the metro known for craft beer) along with suggested routes
  • Beer News-local, statewide, and national
  • Event information along with a listing of upcoming events.