Homebrewing began in the US back during the 1970’s and is largely responsible for the craft beer revolution. In 1978 homebrewing became legal on the national level, although it was still up to the states to decide legality. Mississippi was the last state in the union to legalize the making of beer at home and finally passed the law in 2013.

Today, millions of aspiring brewers make artisan ales and lagers in their homes and garages. It’s actually easier than it looks and after a few brews under one’s belt, a beam of confidence and pride is felt. Like many obsessions it takes a day to learn and a lifetime to master. A basic kit costs less than a $100 and many folks who are really into it have thousands invested.

If you’re looking to get into brewing here’s a few great resources:

Homebrew Stores- Tampa Bay homebrew stores are a great place to start. They offer kits, advice, and even classes.

Brew On Premise- Brew your own craft beer at HiFi Homebrew and BBQ Supply in Clearwater. Have your very own craft beer in about 3 weeks. Anyone can brew it! Also a homebrew and BBQ store offering supplies and classes.

Brew Clubs- Join one of the local clubs to turbocharge your learning…and beer quality. The members are always nice and helpful plus there’s free beer to sample at the meetings.

American Homebrewers Association (AHA)- A group dedicated to promoting brewing beer at home. Started back in 1978 by the godfather of homebrewing, Charlie Papazian.

Brew Your Own Magazine (BYO)- A publication with lots of tips and recipes. Perfect for home brewers of all levels.