Homebrew Stores

Most think of homebrew stores as a place to go for hops, grain, yeast, and equipment. However, they are a great resource for novice brewers and those making the jump to all-grain. Some even brew on site and serve their own homemade craft beer to thirsty patrons. Many hold events as well and are great assets to the brewing community and all of Tampa Bay.

Here are the Tampa Bay Homebrew stores:

HiFi Homebrew and BBQ Supply- Tampa Bay’s newest and coolest Homebrew and BBQ store. Also the only Brew On Premise facility in Western  Florida, where anyone can brew, ferment, and bottle/keg their own craft beer, or make wine and cider. They’re adding a brewery in 2016.

Booths Brewing- On the east side of Tampa, near Brandon. Coupons are often available.