Southern Brewing and Winemaking

City: Tampa- Just north of downtown in the Seminole Heights Neighborhood.

Location: 4500 N Nebraska Ave, Tampa, FL 33603



Signature Beers: You tell us.

Year Opened: 2008

The Skinny: A novel and delicious concept. A brewery housed in a homebrew store. Lots of great beers to try after buying brewing or winemaking ingredients.


Located in the convenient Seminole Heights area of Tampa, Southern Brewing and Winemaking brews up fine ales and lagers as well as selling brewing ingredients. They do have guest taps and are the largest homebrew suppy store in the Tampa Bay Area. Enjoy the large bar and the serene patio. Overall, a nice relaxing place to get a pint, inside or out. Also a great place to blow a wad of dough on brewing stuff.